Album Premiere: Deathstorm – For Dread Shall Reign

Founded 13 years ago under the name Damage, Mac (bass and vox), Mani (drums) and Ferl (guitar) of Deathstorm have played thrash metal together for a- huge part of their lives. After two demos under the name Damage, they raised the standard Deathstorm in 2011 and have released new and appreciable material at a steady rate ever since. Their discography is their shared autobiography, written in bareknuckle riffs, punchy grooves, and rapid-fire venom. 

Today we’re excited to present our readers with an exclusive, early stream of For Dread Shall Reign, the fourth album from seasoned Austrian thrashers Deathstorm. Out this Friday on Dying Victims Productions, For Dread Shall Reign represents yet another killer barrage of old school thrash perfection from one of the last, true torchbearers of the genre. 

“There’s actually not a lot we can or even want to say about the release of For Dread Shall Reign,” Deathstorm begin. “Is it our best album – of course it is. Is it our heaviest record so far – of course it is. Is it the total DEATHSTORM package – hell yeah. If that wasn’t the case why should we even be doing this in the first place? But ain’t that just a repetition of the typical words and phrases everybody knows just too damn well when it comes to promoting a new release? Tell you what – who cares? We’re nothing but a t-shirt and jeans band that dwells in the deepest pits of the heavy metal underground scene. We’re a blue-collar band. There’s nothing special or fancy to tell you about. No rituals, no magic(k), no deeper meanings, no divine afflatus and no other shenanigans. We once again wrote some songs, we once again put some mics in front of our amps and drums and we once again found a dedicated person who’s willing and able to put all of that on wax. So it’s your turn now to just stop reading, worrying or whatever you do and crack open a cold one, or a beer, and let the beatings begin.”

For Dread Shall Reign

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