Video Premiere: Bulletbelt – “Punishment of God”

Earlier this month, black thrash Kiwis Bulletbelt unleashed Warlords, their fourth full-length album since coming together 11 years ago. At nine tracks, Warlords is forty minutes of high energy, heavy metal-influenced black thrash bloodshed. Today we’re psyched to present to our readers this amazingly over-the-top and sick-as-hell animated video for “Punishment of God,” the second single from Warlords. 

Bulletbelt’s drummer, Steve Francis, says “Punishment of God” is “a 3:30 banger with no fucking around, super catchy riffs and a big gang sing-along chorus. Perfect for getting those fist pumping.” Going into further detail concerning the animated video for the track, Steve explains:

“Working with animators Lianne Booton, Dane Jacobs, Mike Glasswell and Jared Toth the concept was to make a fun, fast paced video showing Bulletbelt battling the Church with heavy metal and in the end the power of metal winning through! The goal was to keep it violent, bloody, OTT [read: over-the-top] and put some cool little hidden Easter eggs in for metal and horror lovers.”

“Punishment of God”

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