Track Premiere: Terminal Nation – ‘Disciple of Deceit’

Holocene Extinction is the hardest album of 2020 and it isn’t even close. Terminal Nation—the Arkansas assbeaters responsible for the year’s toughest album—have nailed the fusion of death metal and hardcore. Taking influence from Bolt Thrower and Obituary as much as Xibalba, Nails, All Out War and Jesus Piece, Terminal Nation combine that sound with a palpable, destructive sense of rage: rage at police brutality and badly handled pandemics, at kleptocracy and Donald Trump, at injustice around the world.

It’s a sticking point throughout the album and on “Disciple of Deceit,” the song Decibel is premiering today. In between a barrage of fat, thrashy riffs and equally-punishing breakdowns, vocalist Stan Liszewski declares, “You wouldn’t know oppression if it nailed you to the fucking cross.”

“’Disciple of Deceit’ is about these right wing (typically straight, white, male) politicians and political types who use their cherry-picked version of Christianity as a means to infringe upon the existence of others,” Liszewski explains to Decibel. “They’ll go after things like marriage equality, other religious beliefs, trans rights, abortion rights and more, taking stabs at some of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the US, yet upon meeting any resistance to their regressive way of thinking, they develop a persecution complex and act as if they are the ones that are the oppressed.”

Check out the new track and the back alley “performance” video; more songs and pre-orders are available via 20 Buck Spin ahead of its August 7 release date, and remember: Holocene Extinction is the hardest album of 2020.