Five For Friday: June 26, 2020

Every great weekend needs a great soundtrack.

And if you like black metal, melodic black metal, classic headbanging fodder, and super-weird death metal, I’m here to give you the juice for your Saturday.

Dauþuz – Grubenfall 1727

Do you like melodic, mournful, straightforward black metal? Do you find the history of mining in central Europe really, really interesting!? Well you’re in luck, friend! We’ve covered Dauþuz before at Decibel, and it’s an honor to dive deep into the pits with them again on their new EP, out via Amor Fati Productions.

Fellwarden – Wreathed in Mourncloud

In a similar vein is the new album from England’s Fellwarden, comprising of two of the three minds that make up the great Fen. Wreathed in Mourncloud is a powerful and emotional artistic statement, apparently inspired by time spent in England’s Lake District. Having visited the area myself, I can confirm that it is a wondrous site to behold, the deep shades of green, the rich feeling of history … and sheep, lots and lots of sheep.

Inexorum – Moonlight Navigation

Staying in the realm of black metal, but with grander melodies and more blue cover art: the latest from Minnesota’s Inexorum. God, when a band plays this style well, it’s simply sublime. The perfect mix of heroic riffs, cold aggression, and hook-laden song structures that stay with you. If you like classic Unanimated and original-logo-era In Flames (::sigh::), then you need to listen to this glorious album.

Stream: Apple Music

Magick Touch – Heads Have Got to Rock’N’Roll

Alright, now for a different flavor of vintage metal. Here’s a new one for the fans of classic \m/ HEAVY METAL \m/. Norway’s Magick Touch wants you to rock, and they’re here to help with that sweet NWOBHM flavor. Don’t worry, they keep the cheese to a minimum, just enough to make it fun, but not so much to make it “fun.” You know what I mean.

Stream: Apple Music

Voidceremony – Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel

This is technical death metal done right. As Voidceremony declares: “nowadays ‘Technical Death Metal’ has become synonymous with banal machine-like acrobatics for its own sake, Voidceremony instead maintain a principled continuum of arcane alchemy and increasing internal entropy.” [Insert Micheal Scott “THANK YOU” GIF here]. Meaty, chaotic, grim and punishing death metal. God knows what the title conveys, maybe it’s supposed to be mystifying.

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