Video Premiere: FROM HELL – ‘The Witch’

FROM HELL—the FROM HELL from Oakland, not the From Hell from Detroit that Decibel covered in 2013—recently unleashed their second album, Rats and Ravens, upon the sick horror freaks of the world. Their next move? To unleash the music video for “The Witch,” a six-minute combination heavy-metal track and cinematic video.

Rats and Ravens is our newest anthology of horror stories,” explains guitarist and singer Aleister Sinn. “It’s about a witch who desires children of her own and steals them from the villages nearby. When she kills them, she traps the ravens who come for their souls. She keeps the children on this earth, reanimates their corpses with rats and calls them ‘Lilium.’”

Pretty chilling, right? See and hear for yourself below; Rats and Ravens is available on Bandcamp.