VIDEO PREMIERE: From Hell “Holy War”

Michigan’s From Hell is the latest quality act from the Motor City. Self-described as d-beat meets thrash meets goth, From Hell’s Dischange-covering-Converge-with-Boss-HM-2s-hooked-up-for-maximum-effect is right down our proverbial plate. The group’s new full-length, Heresy, has been out since June, but From Hell are just now premiering—thanks to Paper+Plastick Records—the video for Heresy’s most intense track, “Holy War”.
Here’s what From Hell’s Chris Zomerfeld has to say about “Holy War” and working with 3D motion designer Matt Frodsham. “Vinny from Paper+Plastick hooked us up with Matt Frodsham and we let him pick which song he wanted to do a video for from the album. We were excited when he picked ‘Holy War’ because it’s one of the most energy packed visceral songs on the album, so we were excited to see what he would do with it. He blew our minds with all the stuff that he created from scratch for the video! So much demonic, blasphemous, and creepy imagery. The song is about religion and the way it twists the psyche, and how the only solution is to destroy it. The creepy dark images fit perfectly with the music and lyrical content. What’s darker and weirder than religion?”

Exactly. What’s darker and weirder than religion? Nothing. Don’t believe us (that’s Decibel and From Hell)? Look up Krampus. Or Youtube videos about Christian snake handlers. Look up Cynocephaly. Or read up on the bullshit that’s Mormonism. Without further tirades on oddities of Christianity, here’s “Holy War”.

** Check out From Hell on Bandcamp. Click HERE.

** From Hell’s Heresy was released June 25th on Paper+Plastick Records. It’s available HERE.