Five For Friday: June 19, 2020

Hello readers,

As usual, we have a mix of big names, underground favs, and some obscure newcomers to show you for this week. But also keep in mind that Bandcamp is yet again making this a special Friday by donating its cut of album sales to the NAACP. In other words, if you like what you hear below and want to load up on some new music, today would be a good day to do so.


Atavist- III: Absolution

From our interview with Atavist:

“We had a concept and could articulate how it should feel without having yet written a single song. This helped us shape everything we began to produce—it was a goal that kept us true. It led to songs and elements of songs being disregarded because they weren’t right for the journey we wanted to build … we wanted to take the listener through the depths of human emotions, from mourning a loss, the struggle of comprehension and finally finding an ending to an arduous personal journey. Lyrically, II: Ruined was a rumination on the broken, the ruined. With III: Absolution we wanted to revisit this, but to explore the cycle or process as a whole, with a beginning and an end—even if this end becomes another beginning.”

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Dearth- To Crown All Befoulment

Dearth plays the good stuff — that blasting, vicious, evil stuff. This is blackened death metal done right, and kicked up to its sonic extreme. To Crown All Befoulment is the band’s first full-length album, and if this dark debut is any preview of things to come, we have a lot of gutteral glory to look forward to.

Lamb of God- Lamb of God

At this point in the metal timeline, Lamb of God is an institution that produces a consistent and recognizable musical output. There’s no mistaking Lamb of God, especially once the riffs kick in and Randy’s trademark growl makes its way through your speakers. Fans of the band can rejoice at this new self-titled entry in the catalog, as it’s probably the first in a long time to come close to the quality of the band’s mid-2000s peak. There’s a direct, loose and immediate quality to the songs here that recall what made LOG so important to us back in the day. Welcome back, kings.

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Ritual Mass- Abhorred in the Eyes of God

So this album technically came out last year via 20 Buck Spin, and is getting a cassette re-issue via Caligari today. But you know what? Anything that captures the dirty essence of death metal this well deserves an extra boost, regardless of the timing or format. The vocals alone are so unhinged and drums so barbaric that they make the album worth merit repeat listens.

Vile Creature- Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm!

Vile Creature’s latest salvo of sludgy doom is a haunting, spooky and unsettling affair. Every minute drips with gloom, as the guitar tones seep through the walls and the screams and snare hits slowly drive through the foundations. A pulverizing, entrancing emanation from the abyss.

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