EP Premiere: Marthe – ‘Sisters of Darkness’

Bands like Italy’s one-woman act Marthe are a rare exception to the bedroom black metal rule. For every 100 look-a-like, lo-fi, borderline-pisstake projects we get maybe one decent band if we’re lucky. But, for all its spirit, ingenuity and dedication—not to mention the fact that it flat-out rules—a project like Marthe is one in a million. 

According to Marzia, the sole and singular woman behind Marthe, Italy’s latest solo black/doom sensation, Marthe’s demo Sisters of Darkness “arises from the temple of a feminine entity, summons earthly and fire energies and releases it with an outlet of enraged blackened passion.” 

Sisters of Darkness was recorded in Marzia’s apartment aka Studio Hammer. She used riffs she’d been writing for years, an old electronic drum kit she’d never used before, a borrowed synth and whatever recording equipment she could gather. “While the DIY recording is clearly evident in the final result, each song merges screamed and clean vocal lines with epic yet solid guitars over a catchy composition,” she informs us. “The vocal style (recorded in an empty fridge cardboard box filled up with pillows) can be considered a mix between Deténte and Sacrilege, with the mandatory clean parts as a tribute to Master Quorthon.” 

Before you give yourself over to Sisters of Darkness, Marzia asks you to “imagine crossing a gloomy landscape with a heavy heart full of disenchantment.” She says she “will walk you in the deep of the mist while the wind carries haunting echoes to your ears.” According to Marzia the demo is “best [listened to] with headphones.” She adds: “Marthe is strictly antifascist, feminist and slightly misanthropic.”

Sisters of Darkness

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