Video Premiere: WVRM – ‘Black Flags Toward Sodom (Me Ne Frego)’ / ‘Tank Reaper’

Despite the restless madness that 2020 has brought upon most of the world, it’s been a pretty good year for grindcore so far, with top notch new releases appearing from Chepang, Meth Leppard and Internal Rot. In the thick of all this greatness North Carolina grindfreaks WVRM decided to drop easily the most impressive and realized album of their career Colony Collapse back in early April.

The album sees the band at the height of their powers, doing what they do best: delivering noisy, Full of Hell style hellacious blast beats intercut with some of the most jarring and brutal breakdowns in modern metal. Seriously, the breakdown in “Thorn Palace” is easily one of the best mosh parts I have heard in nearly a decade and a half of listening to heavy music.

Though efforts to promote the album via live shows have largely been frustrated by the spate of cancellations due to COVID-19 concerns, the band soldiers on with the thankless task of publicity in the time off a pandemic.

WVRM has combined two Colony Collapse tracks, “Black Flags Toward Sodom (Me Ne Frego)” and “Tank Reaper,” into a single music video (it’s still only three minutes, grindcore, baby!) Music videos are fairly uncommon in the world of grind so why not take a minute to bask in the dark majesty of some obscenely brutal catharsis?

Follow WRVM on Bandcamp and get Colony Collapse direct from Prosthetic here.