Album Premiere: Evoker – ‘Evil Torment’

Evoker hail from the land of supreme underground metal violence and deal in pure Strayan death thrash madness exclusively. Ripping influences from the forefathers of their scene such as Slaughter Lord, Martire, even Vomitor, Evoker have unleashed a steady barrage of evil metal of death since their demo dropped two years ago. Now the Evoker trio return as if from helltorn wastes with six brand-new rippers of whirlwind, fleshripping death metal under the title Evil Torment

Out this Friday from Blood Harvest on cassette, CD and 12” vinyl format, Evoker’s Evil Torment represents six menacing tracks of bloodsoaked and unholy death metal power. 


“We’re very proud to be in conspiracy with Blood Harvest Records . . .” writes the band. “Evil Torment is the continuous evolution of Evoker. Faster, stronger and more horrific than ever. Six songs of powerful hate made to rip your face off, Evoker will crush you!”

Evil Torment

Preorder Evil Torment from Blood Harvest today.