Track Premiere: Sepulchral Curse – ‘Into the Depths Unknown’

Finnish death metal purveyors Sepulchral Curse showed a lot of potential with a pair of EPs in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Their doomed take on death metal felt reverent of the classics without sacrificing their individuality, something they finally continue to expand on with their first full-length album, Only Ashes Remain.

Sepulchral Curse will burn it all down on July 31 when they release their album, but for now they’ve delivered a taste of the album with third track “Into the Depths Unknown.” Using melodic lead guitars, varying tempos and a combination of blackened shrieks and growls (courtesy of drummer Tommi Ilmanen), the Finns cut through the murky death/doom and leave their recognizable mark.

Check it out below and find pre-orders via Transcending Obscurity.