Five For Friday: May 8, 2020

Alright, readers. Buckle up. Strap in. Get set. Hit play.

This week’s edition of new releases includes the new one from Naflgar and Green Carnation, along with a set of lesser-known acts for you to check out. As we progress through May, hopefully society will be able to (safely!) open up again and people will take the right precautions. That way we can start supporting bands like this on the road again, and not just from our desks, couches, or floors (I don’t know your life).


BlackLab – Abyss

Loud, fuzzy, and crushing doom from Osaka, Japan. BlackLab’s comes thoroughly studied in the school of the Melvins, Eyehategod and Electric Wizard, with a doctorate in giving you the creeps. The mix of clean and harsh vocals with saw-blade riffs is incredibly effective here. Abyss is their second full-length album, out via New Heavy Sounds.

Stream: Apple Music

Cryptworm – Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence

For those about to “Ough!”, Cryptworm salutes you. Jamming this feels like cutting through an endless forest of slime covered brush with a rusty machete. You can’t hate on the filthy riffs here, especially when they’re made to sound so catchy. The super-duper low vocals don’t hurt either.

Green Carnation – Leaves of Yesteryear

For the prog-lovers among us, the latest from Green Carnation does what goth-laden prog does at its best: capture a series of moods and seamlessly guide the listener through them. In other words, the sense of exploration and introspection is a two-way street on records like this, active for the musician, passive but still powerful for the listener. Good songwriting and hooks don’t hurt either.

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Naglfar – Cerecloth

It’s Naglfar! Do you live riffs? Do you like to feel that second-wave black metal vibe, but want to keep at least a handhold on death metal at the same time? Yes? Ok, well listen to Vittra first, but then go ahead and blast this record non-stop. Naglfar has long since found a comfortable niche, and is now out to be the best at their craft.

Stream: Apple Music

Sojourner – Premonitions

Ok, so this is just fun. On their third album, Sojourner doesn’t want to be subtle, careful, or nuance. Screw that. Synths! Solos! Palm-muting! Heroic drums! Clean and clear production! Tin whistles! Because why not!? Every potential weapon in the epic black metal arsenal is to put to great use here. Lots of bands try to sound like this and wind up coming off like a joke, or way, way, WAY too serious. But this international collective gets it right.

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