For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Triptykon, Old Man Gloom and Cauldron Black Ram

What’s up, guys? It’s a stir-crazy Waldo here to tell you about some upcoming releases. Some good and some… well… anyway, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there.

PECK YES! Triptykon is pummeling us with Requiem as performed by Triptykon and the Metropole Orkest Live at Roadburn. This is something special here. The first time Requiem has been performed in its entirety, or any parts for that matter. Conceived in the midst of Celtic Frost’s career, Requiem is an expansive piece that can be cobbled together over a couple of records (sorta). Anyway, this is a really cool piece. The heaviness of Tom G Warrior’s riffs mixed with the orchestra is awesome. Clocking in at a little over 50 minutes, this is not really for the casual listener, but again, this is a pretty brazen undertaking and definitely a cool document of this event. There are multiple versions of this packaging and they are not cheap, but still… it’s great. Do yourself a favor and peck this out. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Not too long after the death of Caleb Scofield, Old Man Gloom kind of resurrected themselves to honor his name. I gotta say that Seminar VIII-Light of Meaning on Profound Lore is quite a memorial. Anyone that knows anything about extreme music SHOULD know about Old Man Gloom. Originally from Santa Fe, then Boston, OMG never really followed any sort of prescribed notions about what extreme metal should be, they instead practiced what extreme metal COULD be. And Light of Meaning is no exception. This is dense, heavy, haunting at times, with a healthy dose of the experimental thrown in. My beak, the drumming on this is phenomenal. A review of this reads “Another towering masterwork through earth crumbling riffs, post hardcore brutality, sprawling noise transmissions, experimental ambient sonic subdivision and epic impenetrable melancholy.” I couldn’t have said it better myself (in fact, I didn’t). But get this—it rules. 8 Fucking Pecks.

I usually dig most stuff on the 20 Buck Spin label, and Slaver from Cauldron Black Ram is no exception. This Australian outfit plays a sorta blackened thrash/death metal hybrid. This is primitive, but tight, and with HOOKS. There is enough variance here to keep the listener engaged without sounding scattered or jumbled. The difference in this band is that the stylistic mixing of the genres here is seamless, giving CBR their own finely crafted sound. Solid from beginning to end, this is the sound of a band that has mastered its vibe. Digging it! 7 Fucking Pecks.


Alright, guys… until next time. Waldo out!