Five for Friday: May 1, 2020

Time marches on, and metal marches with it. And although a lot of us are still stuck inside, the metal is at least making this stationary charge a little more interesting. In other words, there’s still a lot of time on our hands to listen to some new jams.

And to add to it, Bandcamp is once again waiving their revenue share today! That means you have another chance to throw in some extra support to the bands that make our lives a little more brutal (but like, in a cool way). Four out of the five albums listed below are available on Bandcamp, making them a great addition to your shortlist! Check it out:

Boreal – The Battle of VOSAD

Like walking through a snow covered forest, as everything starts to melt and you’re surrounded by thick layers of fog. Moody, eerie, and all-enveloping, Boreal has taken it’s 2006 recording and redone the work to gift it to us again in 2020. Check out the synths and hypnotic riffs on the opening track, “The Battle,” along with the frenzied torrent of the closing track, “Dusk.”

Havok – V

In 2020, we’re more than 10 years beyond the gold rush of the neo-thrash movement. However, there appears to be enough rocket fuel left in the gas tank for speed warriors like Denver’s Havok. The band’s latest album sees them blend the Bay Area and Teutonic sounds together and stretch it to its limits, while also updating the subject matter to fit our own time.

Stream: Apple Music

Pyre – Chained to Ossuaries

Ah, yes, a fine Russian import, indeed. St. Petersburg’s Pyre specializes in dark, hook-laden death metal, with that special air of evil that recalls old gods like Asphyx. No excessive compression, noise-gating or sweep-picking to be found here, just gritty and vicious death.

Umbra Vitae – Shadow of Life

“Return to Zero” says it all, doesn’t it? This city-leveling rager comes to us via Converge’s Jacob Bannon, along with a slew of comrades from illustrious acts like the Red Chord, Job For a Cowboy and Twitching Tongues. Although he’s best-known for fronting his metalic-ish hardcore band, this project gives Jacob the opportunity to be as metal-as-possible.

Stream: Apple Music

Vader – Solitude in Madness

And now for this week’s big treat, a new record from Poland’s death metal institution: Vader!!! At this point, Vader’s signature sound is solidified, and the band exists to churn out explosive, well-honed additions to their already storied catalog. Solitude in Madness opens with the absolutely blistering “Shock and Awe” and rides on through rippers like “Incineration of the Gods” and “Stigma of Divinity” (those drums tho!).

Stream: Apple Music