Demo:listen: Ixaxaar Nexia

Based in Toronto, a new black/death quartet calling themselves Ixaxaar Nexia released their 3-song demo on Bandcamp a little under a month ago today. Since early April Demo MMXX has stalked the underground, taking victims slowly one by one. When this new black/death atmospheric insanity was discovered by Demo:listen, we instantly flew into action. 

We caught up with the four men behind Ixaxaar Nexia to find out how they came to bring such a powerful force of darkness and terror into this world.


Ixaxaar Nexia say they formed simply because there existed in each of them “a necessity for us to play aggressive black metal that tears at the walls of death metal.” And that’s exactly what Ixaxaar Nexia’s music sounds like. Almost like death metal and black metal caught in an equally matched battle to the death. 

“We have somewhat known each other or each other’s bands from the Toronto metal scene over the years,” the band writes. “We started off as a 2 piece [composed of guitarist R.B. and drummer C.M.] and our drummer kept suggesting people who wanted to play the same style that could all get along with one another. Pretty soon after that everyone was bringing stuff to the table and it flowed kind of naturally.”

As for the writing process of the demo, the members of Ixaxaar Nexia say that the song “‘Ascending God’s Spine’ is pretty much the same as when it was written. ‘Obliteration Sect’ on the other hand was changed a number of times before we all had something we were happy with. I think most bands have that experience; some things just happen out of thin air and other moments you really need to work on and focus your energy.”

As for their band name, according to the band “Ixaxaar Nexia is a belief. A portal or a black hole to infinite nothing. Infinite death. A time before and after all existence.” While their “lyrical themes range from Occult-based, existential suffering, madness and the collapse of the human condition,” the band relates. 

To capture these tentacled and insatiable monsters of black/death songs, Ixaxaar Nexia says they “recorded the songs live off the floor using a minimal setup in our jam space.” They continue to say that “from those initial recordings we added overdubs and vocals respectively.” A fairly simple and common approach and yet because of the twisted nature of their music, Demo MMXX sounds anything but humanly rendered. 

The band explains how they came up with the track “I” “on the spot collaboratively.” They continue to say: “We wanted to have an interlude that didn’t feel like a waste of time but rather intensified the [listening experience]. L.F. came up with some eerie soundscapes to pile on top of feedback guitars and an unholy congregation.”

According to the band, “As of right now [the physical release of Demo MMXX is] all up in the air. We have been talking with ourselves and a few labels about a potential cassette release; either on our own or as a split.” So definitely keep your eyes locked to Ixaxaar Nexia’s Facebook and/or Bandcamp for more information on the arrival of a physical incarnation of Demo MMXX

Regarding the worldwide lockdown, Ixaxaar Nexia says: “The pandemic has definitely fucked our practice schedule, we haven’t really been able to jam as a full band. We have been able to keep writing and we have begun to get a new bass player up to speed (who we’ll reveal soon).”

When asked what comes next for Ixaxaar Nexia, they laugh and say “The world,” then continue: “We are working on getting the LP out. Ready to play some live shows again and bring our music to all who will hear it.” 

Count us in. And remember you heard ‘em here first on Demo:listen.