Track Premiere: Henry Kane – ‘Keep Us from the Truth’

Jonny Pettersson has kept himself busy over the course of his career. The prolific Swedish diehard has been cranking out as much death metal as humanly possible since the late ’90s with numerous acts, among them Wombbath, Ashcloud, Heads for the Dead and Henry Kane, among others.

Pettersson’s next release is the aptly-titled Age of the Idiot, Henry Kane’s follow up to their 2017 debut. Henry Kane is a solo project, which means there’s no other presence to distract from his main goal: to deliver pure, Swedish death metal fury. There’s a layer of HM2-powered crust filth on the song, counterbalanced by a guitar melody. Of course, this all happens over the course of two-and-a-half minutes, so you have plenty of time to hear it yourself.

Stream “Keep Us from the Truth” below and pre-order Age of the Idiot from Transcending Obscurity.