Album Premiere: Order Of Orias – ‘Ablaze’

Order Of Orias

Australia-based black metallers Order of Orias, featuring ex-members of Eidölon, unshackle some of the most violent black metal in the Southern Hemisphere. Formed in 2007 in Australia’s hippest city — Melbourne — the twosome of DA (guitars) and AS (vocals) don’t let fancy esplanades, dandelion cafes, and the Psytrance phenomenon seep into their malignant veins. No, Order Of Orias eschew all the trappings of a great city/culture for violence, decay, and disorder. Musically, at least they do. New album, Ablaze, burns brightest when it references the intensity of teenage Emperor and the repetition brilliance of budding Enslaved. But Ablaze isn’t another attempt to ape Nordic successes from a bygone era. There’s a considerable helping of death metal imbued into Order of Orias’ discordant yet epic black, but that’s not the point, really. What I’m trying to say is Ablaze is for fans of the well-played, introspective, left-hand path black, the type who’d rather find the very bottom of the things rather than tote cliches and spit empty threats to a religion already long lost to the disease it formulated all those eons ago.

Say DA and AS to Decibel: “Conceptually, Ablaze is an examination of dichotomy. The intense conflagration of all-consuming pride contrasted with the torrid rage of despair. At times the mind snaps between intense states with disturbing rapidity. This album is an exploration of that shifting metamorphosis as well as the more aggressive aspects associated with being both God and The Devil of a microcosmic universe.”

Bring on the full album stream of Order Of Orias’ new album, Ablaze! It’s likely the best black metal you’ll hear in 2020. Doubt us? Listen all the way through…

** Order Of Orias’ new album, Ablaze, is out April 30th on W.T.C. Productions. Pre-orders are not yet live (and there’s a postal restriction on shipping from Germany) but diehards can order direct from W.T.C. Productions HERE.