Track Premiere: Aversio Humanitatis – “The Weaver of Tendons”

The Madrid-based black metal trio known as Aversio Humanitatis debuted their aggressive, brawny and existential sound in 2011 with the release of their first album Abandonment Ritual. The decade between then and now saw the post-modern black metallists toiling in the deep underground, mostly releasing splits with likewise obscure acts. Now, as we near the release of their long-awaited sophomore album, we can hear how Aversio Humanitatis remain dedicated to their thick-as-concrete, massive and towering wall of black metal fury.

Behold The Silent Dwellers, the new full length from Aversio Humanitatis, comes out June 17 from Debemur Morti Productions. Check out the opening track right now.

“The Weaver of Tendons”

According to the band, “The ‘Silent Dwellers’ are all these material creations humans [raise] as symbols of permanence on earth and aspiration of transcendence, but that are, at the same time, monuments of failure and enslavers of the individual.”

When asked how the new material will sound now that the world is under lockdown, the band answers, “[We] will know once the album is released. If anything, this whole situation proves once again how we’re all ‘part of something grand, that is all and nothing at all,’ as the lyrics of ‘The Weaver of Tendons’ say. We’re all here trapped in this big civilization that seems unstoppable and omnipresent, but suddenly something might happen and bring us down to our knees, unable to do anything as individuals.”

Those of us who are already familiar with Aversio Humanitatis, as well as newcomers to the band’s monolithic sound, can expect, “Brilliance and decay,” from the new album, according to the band themselves, who go on to compare the album to “the beauty of man being crushed by its own weight.” They say, holding nothing: “The way we struggle to overcome our own lowness and suffering without having anything to hold on [to] or to believe in is disgusting but exciting to see. This is what Aversio Humanitatis is all about.

“As the years go by we have refined our sound and the way we want to express ourselves artistically,” they say in conclusion. “Some elements have been left behind and new ones have appeared. But we’re still the same members and we have always been very clear on the path we have to follow. Possibly, [Behold The Silent Dwellers] has the most consistent and well-structured compositions we’ve ever made, it has more depth and attention to detail than our previous works, and therefore it also requires more attention.” 

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