Video Premiere: Buildings – ‘Felt Like a Perfume’

Pull yourself away from your self-imposed Sleep marathon for a few minutes to watch the new video for “Felt Like a Perfume,” a new visual offering from Twin Cities noise punks Buildings. There’s a permeable sense of anxiety and tension as the discordant riffs and half-yells uncoil themselves into static noise by the end of the song’s runtime.

The tone of the song, which comes from last year’s Negative Sound on Gilead Media and is focused on the feeling of loss, is sharpened by the video, which was inspired by directors who are known for their uneasy and stylized aesthetic.

“We wanted to make a video with some Hitchcock and Tarkovsky kind of vibes,” drummer Travis Kuhlman says. “Our friend Cody presented the attic to us as a perfect setting. Initially we wanted to do slow, minimal shots with a very sparse, almost non existent plot. After spitballing tons of random ideas back and forth, Micah, the director, came up with an interesting plot, very Lynch-like in its not so obvious as to what’s happening and once it ends you’re like, “huh? I don’t get it.” So it’s cool in the sense of you kind of make up your own idea as what happened.

“The shoot took place on the first sunny, warm spring day of the year and we (the band) were all kind of fighting and annoyed with each other which made it a very tense, dark and somewhat frustrating day, which actually helped in the shooting. Plus my TV dinner was rotten, Brian [Lake, guitar/vocals] was shirtless and cold and Mike [Baillie, bass] was tripping. Everything worked out in the end and we’re all as happy as can be, except for the fact that the entire world is in lockdown and everyone is confused and thousands of people are dying.”

Drawn your own conclusions from the video and watch it now.