Track Premiere: New Hell – “Ashes”

Operating out of Providence, Rhode Island, New Hell are a quartet who combine elements of black metal, death, thrash, grind, punk and hardcore to create a sound that hits both timeless and true. If you were around back when bands like Fall Of The Bastards, From Ashes Rise, even The Swarm were dominating turntables, then New Hell will scorch you like a fiery blast from the past. But if you’ve never heard an American band play upbeat, triumphant melodic black metal with a punk sort of combustibility and the focused urgency of grindcore then don’t let us stand in your way any longer. New Hell charge head-on against the trends and clear a mighty, burning swath for themselves.

According to the band themselves, “The Phosphorus EP details a dystopian chronicle of what mankind has done wrong.” They continue to explain that “‘Ashes’ is a prophetic take on the downfall of the imperialist death machine over blast beats and breakdowns.”


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