Video Premiere: Lovebites – “Golden Destination”

Photo by Kitetsu Takamiya

Lovebites may come from the same country as Babymetal. They even share a part of a subgenre Venn diagram with them, but these power metallers are not the same. Lovebites didn’t come from the same Japanese idol culture that Su-metal and Moametal did. However, the quintet’s members are very deserving of being called idols, seeing as they play their own instruments.

Bassist Miho Rosana wrote latest single “Golden Destination” with a simple purpose: to honor British metal. As such, the track gallops and guitars harmonize like Iron Maiden. There’s even a bass lead in the middle that makes way for a groovier section before a more progressive melody and solo.

The accompanying video highlights their time on the road with power metal peers Dragonforce. Rosana explains why the video is perfect for the present.

“The music video is like a road movie of our UK tour. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have to refrain from going out on the road for now, so I hope that watching this video makes you feel you are enjoying our live show and traveling with us in the UK. See you soon!”

Virtually travel with the band in the player below.

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