Track Premiere: Live Burial – ‘Cemetery Fog’

Live Burial, a death metal quintet hailing from England, reek of old-school brutality on Unending Futility, their first album in four years. Meeting somewhere in the middle of classic, thrashy death metal and crawling death/doom, Live Burial avoid the trap of sounding like a throwback band while embodying the best of the genre.

Keep scrolling and press play on “Cemetery Fog,” the nearly 10-minute epic that concludes Unending Futility. The production is dank and unsterilized, particularly in the vocals that give the impression each note is rotting before it escapes vocalist Jamie Brown’s lips. There’s a similar vibe to Death and early Asphyx, so stop reading what I have to say and listen to the new song below. Pre-orders are live now via Transcending Obscurity.