Watch: Morbid Cross – ‘Cease to Exist’

Thrash or die (not literally, please) with New Jersey unit Morbid Cross, for whom the hype train surrounding last year’s Disciples of the Goat full-length rolls on. Their new video for “Cease to Exist,” the second track from Disciples, gives viewers a direct look into the band’s ripping live shows. The video stars Morbid Cross singer Zach Marcus in various locations at the venue, often interacting directly with fans and concert attendees, when the band isn’t on stage.

Fair warning: “Cease to Exist” is full of plenty of opportunities to mosh, so try not to break anything in your living room while you indulge.

Disciples of the Goat is out now.

Note: Marcus was recently involved in a car accident. There is a GoFundMe set up for those who would like to and are able to donate.