Virtual Merch Booth: U.S. Tour Shirts from Mayhem, Gatecreeper, Idle Hands now available

As the smoke clears from the battlefield that was formerly the Spring 2020 touring schedule, the true horror has begun to set in for collectors and merch fiends like myself: What will become of the tour shirts? What did I miss at the merch table?! Thankfully, we talked the powers that be out of chucking everything into an incinerator, and now you have multiple outlets to get your grubby little disinfected hands on the trinkets and treasures from the tour that never was. All joking aside, the start up costs of schlepping wares stateside can be crippling for overseas artists, and when they go the extra mile to ensure that they’re carrying a full and customized merchandise line only to be left in the lurch without even a single note played, well we don’t have to tell you that it’s a mess.

Decibel Magazine Tour headliners Mayhem are in exactly this position, currently eating approximately 70K of debt and sitting on a fat stockpile of tour merchandise that needs new homes – on your backs.  We all know that in the wake of uncertain tour futures, the best way we can support the artists we love is to tender cash for items on hand. Luckily for you, all three of the exclusive Mayhem Tour shirts (Death, Daemon and Goat) are being offered at discount right now so that you can complete the trifecta and reign down blows in righteous superiority upon any metal-hipster-poseur-fuck claiming in-person attendance at Mayhem Western Ritual 2020.

In addition to these (cursed?) Decibel Tour adjacent artifacts and the sick AF winged demon longsleeve shirt, you’ll find new magnets, bracelets, a girls logo shirt and even the ominously apropos Daemon Face Mask (which we have assurances were long in production before the current state of the world) all up for preorder and shipping out April 3rd.

Consider it your duty to start gobbling up these rare items like there’s no tomorrow. In addition to supporting the US store via the links above, there are additional tour hoodies up in the EU shop that never made it stateside. You will assuredly be the 1st kid on your block sporting those, so act fast.

Black not your color? Word on the street is that there are just over 100 copies of the Daemon picture disc that were supposed to be an exclusive merch booth offering that will soon be going up on the webstore, keep one squinty bloodshot eye out for those:

Finally, what’s a [non-existent] tour without support? Fellow furloughed dB tour artists Gatecreeper and Idle Hands have posted their discontinued merch offerings as well, along with a call to action to their fanbase in these financially trying times. I’ve already plunked down for multiples, and will be continuing to burn through all my cash reserves for the forseeable future on tour shirts, new albums and whatever else I can procure for that super solid mailordered dopamine blast. The show might not go on [for a while], but since this shit’s already printed I’m gonna go ahead and cop it and I suggest you do the same- otherwise you’re just going to be looking at a towering pile of TP in the corner next month thinking, “goddamn, I shoulda invested in some hoodies instead!”