Full EP Stream: Impure – “Damned…”

Impure comprises guitarist Satyrannical Lord of Assault and Horned Father of Desecreation (Horns & Hooves, Spite, etc.) on drums and vocals. The duo formed three years ago and we’ve been covering them all along, through the release of their demos and singles, as well as last year’s Satan Eclipse LP, their debut. Few bands can match Impure’s attack, and no one does the trance-killing black death style better these days. Satan’s Eclipse drove the spear deep into that unknown sweet spot between Demoncy, Deicide and Profanatica then twisted it ‘round and around.

Now, lest we forget who’re the nastiest of them all, the duo return with 4 more cruel lashes of red-eye-focused and hellishly sodomistic black death. Damned… collects two brand new songs, a song recorded by Fred Etsby (Dismember) during the Satan’s Eclipse sessions plus a Slayer cover. 

photo by Suren Karapetyan (IG: @svrenema)

“After the productive year we had preparing and recording Satan’s Eclipse, and getting our feet wet with domestic and international shows, we wanted to keep the momentum going and release some of the new material we’ve been working on. We also felt it necessary to assert to our fans that we don’t condone the irresponsible way the full-length release was handled by our former label, and offer them a promise we knew we could keep. Thus the ‘Damned…’ EP was borne: two new tracks that spawned into creation so naturally and swiftly that the entire turnaround from composition to having the record on our turntables was only four months (mostly thanks to our allies at Wyrd War who took the helm of releasing it and followed through with exemplary tact). We also included a track from the Satan’s Eclipse sessions, and a newly recorded cover of Slayer’s ‘Fight Til Death,’ an homage to one of the most integral bands to our existence. Doomed to descend below, damned to live and die for black metal, IMPURE has only gotten started…”


Get Damned… today from Impure and on 12” 45rpm from Wyrd War this Sunday.