Full Album Stream: Impure – “Satan’s Eclipse”

Very few newer stateside black death acts spit as much fiery mockery at the cross as do the NYC-based duo Impure. With Horned Father of Desecreation (of Horns&Hooves, Unspeakable, Spite) on drums and growls, and Satyrranical Lord of Assault on guitars and bass, Impure breed the crazed beastial heresy of Profanatica with the hulking evil darkness of Demoncy, and then shoot all that full of toxic NYC misanthropy. In only a year, this two-headed abomination has released several tapes and a 7”, all leading up to the inverted apotheosis that is their debut full length, Satan’s Eclipse

Satan’s Eclipse was produced and mixed by Fred Estby at Moonlight Mile Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey, mastered by Jamie Elton, and  featuring “unholy contributions” from Chuck Keller (of Ares Kingdom), Arild Torp (of Obliteration and Nekromantheon), Henrik Palm (from In Solitude[RIP]) and Jonathan David Hulten (of Tribulation). The extremely brutal cover art and promotional photos were executed by photographer Chris Shonting—using, Impure stresses, “all practical effects and no digital manipulation save for a few level adjustments in post[.]”

“Impure is a weapon forged from ancient morbid steel but continuously sharpened to kill and kill again from here to eternity,” warns the band. “This is a truly timeless craft, respectfully culled from sacred sources and injected with fresh blood. Satan’s Eclipse is a testament to absolute unholy metal mayhem conjured from the beyond.”


Satan’s Eclipse


Satan’s Eclipse comes out this Friday on CD and vinyl (400 black, 100 red) from Chaos Records. Headsplit Records handled the cassette version.