Full Stream: Impure’s “Transfixed in Limbo”

Impure broke loose from the shadows early this year with a rehearsal demo blasphemously dubbed Satan’s Eclipse. Now, before most of us have had a chance to even hear of them, Impure strike again with two tracks just boiling over with amoral depravity and unhinged death-hedonism.

Behind all the hellish clamor are Horned Father of Desecration, and Satyrannical Lord of Assault, plus a live bassist operating under Obscure Bleeder of Priests. As the band themselves explain . . .

“IMPURE was conceived in 2017 to conjure unclean, unblessed black/death metal in the spirit of all the depraved ancient gods. Within a few weeks of forming, we recorded the SATAN’S ECLIPSE promo demo tape, which was dubbed for and distributed to those within our close circle. Earlier this year, IMPURE was unleashed on stage, having performed the first two live desecrations with OCCVLTA. We recorded our first proper record earlier this month—a single featuring two re-recorded demo tracks, ‘Transfixed In Limbo’ and ‘Apocryphal Chants’—that will be self-released this coming summer solstice. True believers can get their hands on this blasphemous recording first in the form of a limited cassingle, which we hand-dubbed and hand-numbered for our next and third show supporting MALOKARPATAN and NEGATIVE PLANE at Brooklyn Bazaar on the 24th of March.


If you’re lucky enough to live in the area, be sure to catch Impure live tomorrow night at one of the most mandatory shows to hit the East Coast in 2018. And don’t squander the opportunity to pick up one of their tapes.

Coming soon on 7” format, this is Impure’s “Transfixed in Limbo” . . .