Track Premiere: Subtype Zero – ‘Ethereal Spirit’

Revel in pure thrash intensity with American quartet Subtype Zero and their new single “Ethereal Spirit,” pulled from a four-track EP called Ceremonious Extinction. Pulling pages from the likes of Slayer and Sepultura, the quick track is powered by breakneck riffs and shouted/screamed vocals.

“It’s been almost two years since we’ve officially released anything so to say I’m excited to get the ball rolling again is an understatement,” vocalist Hector Rivera says. “These songs capture us at our rawest points since our debut as Subtype. Imagine ordering a steak medium rare and they bring you a whole freshly chopped cow head with eyes and mouth still intact and as you look at it it says ‘fuck you.’ That’s what these songs do, they let you know we’re not here to make sure that we stick to a certain mold most bands I see follow. It’s intentionally unapologetic and in your face.

‘Ethereal Spirit’ is a song, lyrically, about either being put in a position of embarrassment and accepting the outcome or being the person who humiliates someone else that’s deserving of it. Humiliation, disgrace, sorrow, pleasure and pain—I like painting a picture with my words. It’s all up to the listener to which side you choose to be in the story.

“We are all excited to play these new songs and are planning to continue working and writing throughout all of 2020. Come to a show, drink some beer, smoke a woodie, we’ll see you there. Cheers!”