Track Premiere: Eternal Returns — “Dreaded Chains of Obscurity”

The name of Thane, India’s Eternal Returns is a nod to a foundational concept in Eastern religion — the “endless cycle of birth, life, and death from which one seeks liberation” — but the moniker also seems apropos in that the quartet is so damn good at amalgamating various all-but-dead sub-genres of extreme metal into a new, uber-brutal, very-much-alive entity.

Ready to take a liberating dive into Eternal Returns’ brand of birth-life-death metal? You’re in luck! We’ve got an exclusive premiere of a killer track off the band’s stellar forthcoming record Reprieved to Totality for you…right here, right now.

“‘Dreaded Chains of Obscurity’ talks about the struggles Prometheus faces for helping human’s with the use of fire and in return being chained for eternity,” vocalist Narendra Patel tells Decibel.