Track Premiere: Crypt Dagger – “Six Horned Pervertor”

Since forming only a few years ago, old school German black thrash trio Crypt Dagger have been on a steady mission to raise hell and spread their sleazy evil metal far and wide. After making their presence known to the world with first a rehearsal tape then the Tales of Torment demo, Crypt Dagger now stand ready to let loose their latest work of vicious blackened speed thrash on the masses. 

Check out this exclusive premiere of the second track from Crypt Dagger’s forthcoming new EP, From Below, out March 27th on Dying Victims Productions


“We never tried to sound like something in particular, we just wanted to make music that we, and the people listening to it, can freak the everliving fukk out. And we achieved that!”

“Six Horned Pervertor”


Preorder From Below on 12″ vinyl and tape now.