Aussies Grinders Meth Leppard Premiere “Woke,” Ready U.S. Tour

G’day mate. Australia’s fiercest and snarkiest power grind duo, Meth Leppard, have announced an upcoming North American tour in May with fellow Aussies PowerXChuck as well as a new. upcoming full-length album Woke.

I got an advanced copy this past week from guitarist Ryan Cheesman and all I can say is “holy shit.” Meth Leppard have long been a favorite of this column for the past few years, but this album pushes them to a whole new level. Potential album-of-the-year candidate right here.

Ryan and company have been kind enough to allow us to premiere an exclusive track from the album available only here, as well as a link to preorder the bad boy. Make sure to get in at ground level with these Aussie grindheads: