Video Premiere: Orphan Donor – “Salvia Is a Bitch”

Art by James Revelle

Orphan Donor are calm on “Salvia Is a Bitch” — relatively speaking. But for this screamo solo project of Secret Cutter drummer Jared Stimpfl that ain’t really saying much.

The song, which comes from forthcoming LP Old Patterns, utilizes the genre’s discordant chords for much of its runtime, but it’s the way they’re applied that differentiates. The mid-paced drums mostly avoid any semblance to the grind influences of acts like Orchid or Jeromes Dream. That combines with the almost post-metal style build of its dirge-esque sections to set it apart. The press release lists “even Deftones” as an influence, with the “even” suggesting it’s a surprise. However, it’s realized in this song’s feel. Vocals by Clouds Collide’s Chris Pandolfo only add to the desperate feel.

The video might be the most chaotic part of this new release, with Stimpfl offering a statement.

“This was a real treat, to have James do a video for this song. I love his art and his animations, so it was awesome having him go nuts with his vision. This song isn’t even about psychedelics, funnily enough, but it’s a damn close visual representation of the closed-eye fireworks show, that’s for sure.”

Watch the mind-fuck of a video for the mind-fuck of a song in the player below.

Old Patterns is out March 13. You can pre-order it digitally or on cassette via Zegema Beach Records.