Demo:listen: Muscipula

Today we have the rare privilege of not only covering but debuting a demo. Today we introduce to the world Little Chasm of Horrors, the 3-song debut from Nashville’s monstrously heavy new duo Muscipula. 

“As of now Muscipula is comprised of myself and my friend Austin Woodward,” writes Zack Ledbetter, who also drums for Act Of Impalement. “We were in a traditional doom band when we were in middle school about ten years previous.” Zack goes on to explain how the concept and music for Muscipula came to him: “After I broke my arm last year and couldn’t drum I came up with the concept and riffs while high as fuck on Percocets and weed, and am now fully convinced that carnivorous plants are taking over the planet.”

Little Chasm of Horrors

If you’re wondering where and how they managed to record this beast, Zack says: “I have recorded everything I’ve ever done with Shibby Poole from Yautja in his home studio. Austin and I have music jobs in town so we mixed and mastered the demo but Shibby is the fucking guy. We use big fat tube amps, too.”

At only 10 minutes Litle Chasm of Horrors consumes like a brief, yet time-voiding pit of riffs built of concussive chugs, horribly inhuman vokills, and some real mean drumming—there’s so much contempt for humanity in every hit, it’s wild! 

According to Zack, Muscipula’s “biggest influences are classic death-doom like Autopsy and Derkéta, goregrind like Dead Infection and early Carcass, and [. . .] southern sludge.” 

Zack’s sure to point out, however, what he means: “We are located in Nashville, TN and the South does play a huge part of the music. Definitely an aspect of our sound is a Southern Sludge twist, but not the bullshit Confederate flag nonsense. Crowbar and Eyehategod are a big influence with their brand of bluesy doom. But ultimately the biggest influence beyond a shadow of a doubt is Trouble. Trouble is our favorite band as we throw in as much evil guitar harmonies and trills as possible. As well as Rick Moranis and Little Shop of Horrors but that goes without being said. But Trouble is everything.”

You’ll make a lot of fans around here swinging your big, silver Trouble cross. But you can hear it, too. It’s all over Muscipula’s demo, that southern swagger, even before they walk all over ya with it in the demo’s final imperious moments. 

Zack breaks down the theme behind this sweltering, sludge-fostered death-doom abomination as such: “The opening track is the descent into the layer of the Carnivorious Overlord himself and the music reflects that with the slow dirge in the style of regular death/doom more of the Finnish variety [. . .] We start off track two with the slam riff because that’s about being eaten alive and digested by the Carnivorious Overlord. And the final song is the most sludge groove track celebrating the Overlords new home in the Bogs of the American Southeast.” 

Get Little Chasm of Horrors on tape from Caligari today. 


Thankfully, according to Zack, there will soon be more Muscipula. “We are already in the process of the next release and I hope everyone likes rappers rapping over their psychotic Carnivorious plant based death/doom and even more TROUBLE! We are also planning live shows and future touring is definitely not out of the question. You will be seeing and hearing quite a lot from us in the future I’d say.”