Full EP Premiere: Veneration – ‘Thy Infernal’

As of right now little is known about Indonesian black metal purists Veneration. Their soon-to-be-released 5-song EP Thy Infernal promises to be one of the strongest underground debuts of the year. With influences as clear as patches on a battle vest, Veneration write each track with total dedication to the black metal they love and worship, and the darkness, in return, grants them catchy evil riffs, irresistible songs and darkly brilliant ideas galore. At once faithful and unique, Thy Infernal is not your typical underground black metal demo. 

“Straight to the point, we’re Veneration Black Fucking Metal band who dwell in southeast Asia, exactly in the heretical land of Indonesia,” writes the band. “We’re not doing live performances [. . .] instead of playing live we like being busy in the studio or outside to make new stuff and work to get more ideas to endure the devil’s work. Let him shineth from the forgotten darkness. Let him manifest their desires. and whoever looks upon him shall tremble and collapse in utter terror!”

Thy Infernal

Preorder Thy Infernal on tape tomorrow from Stygian Black Hand.

CD coming March 1 from Fallen Temple.