Track Premiere: NITE – ‘Genesis’

Everything is better blackened, a belief that certainly holds true on NITE‘s first release, Darkness Silence Mirror Flames. The San Francisco quartet play ripping traditional heavy metal with a blackened spin. The end result recalls the best of both genres—galloping heavy metal riffs and leads mesh easily with a mid-paced black metal atmosphere. You can hear it for yourself with second single “Genesis,” streaming below.

NITE count among their ranks members of Dawnbringer, Satan’s Wrath, High Spirits and others, and their collective experience shows. Darkness Silence Mirror Flames is an organic amalgam of two different styles, and one that fans of either genre should hear.

“’Genesis’ charges head-on into the great expanse, life enduring over death in the vastness of empty space,” guitarist and vocalist Van Labrakis tells Decibel. “The song is a nod to the great Maiden album openers that shaped us—’Aces High,’ ‘Caught Somewhere In Time,’ and ‘Moonchild.’ We are the hope flickering to the end of that immense darkness. ‘We are the light in the night.'”

Creator-Destructor will release NITE’s new album on March 20. You can find digital pre-orders (and another previously-released song) via Bandcamp or through the Creator-Destructor webstore.

Photo: Krysta Brayer