Video Premiere: Lowcaster – ‘Pilian’

Decibel readers were first introduced to Lowcaster last year with the release of their second album, Flames Arise. Placing as much emphasis on the atmospheric and post- parts of their sound as on the stoner/doom side of their side, Lowcaster keep the flames burning with an ethereal new video for “Pilian,” the fourth track on Flames Arise.

If you missed Flames Arise when it came out, “Pilian” is a great place to start. Lowcaster trade off between crunchy, thunderous riffs with sung-shouted vocals and meandering, spacey guitars that would absolutely be more at home on a Porcupine Tree record than a stoner/doom ripper, but it works extremely well.

There’s something for everyone here, so check out “Pilian” below. Flames Arise is out now on Ripple Music.