Fleshrot Bring Pure Death on “Demo 2020”

One look at the cover of Fleshrot‘s Demo 2020 and you know what you’re getting into. The artwork featuring a woman holding a machete, the creepy synthesizers and the tripping logo are pulled straight out of the ’80s. When the synthesizer into “Procession” fades into first proper track “Twisted Visions Prevail,” it is extremely clear that this is old-school death metal of the highest order.

These four offerings from Fleshrot, two of which are intro/outro tracks, sound like they were excavated from the same mass grave that held Outer Heaven, Gatecreeper and Scorched’s first releases. This is death metal that is singleminded in its intentions: no cross-genre contaminations, no innovations, no cosmic musings, just death.

Fleshrot aren’t shy about who their influences are either. The mark of bands like Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Incantation, Immolation and their more horror-obsessed brethren can be heard all over Demo 2020, which is kind of what makes the Lubbock, TX newcomers’ demo tape so sick: it’s familiar, tried-and-true and executed with extreme precision.

Demo 2020 is out now, so don’t delay in hearing it because you’ll be seeing Fleshrot’s longsleeve shirt at every show before you know it.