Full Album Stream: Serpent Noir ‘Death Clan OD’

Serpent Noir

Serpent Noir‘s blood runs hot. As hot as the ancient ichor that fueled the erection of the Acropolis, the agora, and preservation of the Eleusinian Mysteries. On new album, Death Clan OD, the Greeks enlist a host of time-worn nasties — think: Treblinka, Arckanum and Necromantia — as the altar of sacrifice. The result is classic black metal. Nasty, evil, confrontational, esoteric and willingly ready to destroy the falsehood of light. For Death Clan OD, Serpent Noir enlisted Swedish occultist Thomas Karlsson to write the lyrics. From “Cutting the Umbilical Cord of Hel” and “Asmodeus: The Sword of Golachab” to “Astaroth: The Jaws of Gha’Agsheblah” and “Goeh Ra Reah: Garm Unchained,” Karlsson takes Serpent Noir’s nefarious and strident lays through the darkest and outermost regions of the Qliphoth. The pairing of Karlsson’s occult introspection with Serpent Noir’s unimaginably good (melodic) black makes for a devilish force.

Indeed, says Serpent Noir: “Our mission is to keep the flow of the power of OD endless, which, after our physical death, will remain as an echo and an aftermath, transmitting the ancient lore of Awakening the Dragon Fire from the Temple of Atlantis to the next generations of this world: those few who dare to strive for the utmost Awakening during their lifetime and walk the sinistral Path, against the grain of Creation. Our Path is as hard and harsh as the thorny scales, the claws and horns of the Red Dragon are, and so is the everyday life and the world we live in.

Death Clan OD is the outcome of a lifetime dedicated to the 3M Way of Awakening:
* Magic (Spiritual practice and the dark path of Initiation)
* Martial Arts (the Spirit of the Warrior and the endurance of Pain)
* Music (artistic expression, creativity).

Through spiritual practice, pain, suffering and the setting and accomplishment of goals on all leve!s, we harden ourselves and we learn to overcome any obstacle in the difficult and challenging modern world we live in. But for mostly taking the grand step of Seeing what lies beyond the borders of the Cosmos, opening a dialogue with the universe.”

From the loins of Astaroth may we present Serpent Noir’s Death Clan OD! Open wide…

** Serpent Noir’s Death Clan OD is out February 7th on W.T.C. Productions. Pre-orders for this monster are not yet live, but keep checking W.T.C.’s store for CDs and double gatefold LPs to pop up… infernally. Click HERE.