Full Demo Premiere: Kauhu – “Anomalia”

Our resources run a little scarce for Tampere-based trio Kauhu, Finland’s latest export of ‘80s-influence-only metal punks, but we know this much: 1.) The trio calling themselves Kauhu counts guitarist/vocalist Jussi Rinta-Kiika (Scumripper), drummer Niko Rummut (Sonic Poison), and bassist/backing vocalist Risto Baulu. 2.) The band, in their pitch email to Caligari Records, according to Caligari’s boss himself, said: “I have a new band called Kauhu (it means horror). I guess it sounds like Voivod[-]influenced metal and punk[.]” 3.) This demo rips!

Regardless of how much or how little we know about Kauhu, we can say for sure that we’re psyched to host the exclusive stream for their debut, Anomalia. 8 tracks deep, Anomalia sounds like these three kids broke into a studio and had a hell of time letting their influences run amok, and just blasting the shit out of borrowed amps, smashing the fuck out of someone else’s drums, spitting all over the mics. You get the picture. Anomalia rips!


Get Anomalia on cassette tape from Caligari Records today.