Track Premiere: Primeval Mass – “The Irkallian Born”

Primeval Mass began in the year 2000 as a solo mission headed up by a Greek shredder known only as Orth, formerly Orthanc. Over the twenty years of their existence, Primeval Mass have stacked up an impressive discography, with their mixture of heavy metal, first wave black metal and old school heavy thrash becoming more potent with each release.

Now Primeval Mass are poised to drop their strongest effort to date. Recorded at Ignite Studios in Athens, Nine Altars is, indeed, an absolute scorcher. We’re psyched to host this exclusive premiere of “The Irkallian Born,” the second track from Primeval Mass’ new album.

“With the dawn of the new year and approaching the release of Nine Altars I decided as a second sample to provide you the first song I recorded for the new album, ‘The Irkallian Bornn’,” writes Orth. “I can’t simply describe how pleasant the whole composing and recording experience was, everything flew out so naturally-the riffing, bass parts, drum patterns. George C. recorded his parts shortly after a strong earthquake in Athens shook us for good and by the moment I entered the booth for my vocal parts I knew I would need no more than ten minutes to complete them. So, there you have it! A straightforward Primeval Mass speed/thrash piece also appropriate for your black candle nights.”

“The Irkallian Born”

Get Nine Altars February 21st from Katoptron IX Records.