Blast Worship: Zesta Grande 2 Festival

With the dawn of a new decade there have come a slew of festival lineup announcements from all around the world for the upcoming calendar year. One of the biggest announcements relevant to the interests of Blast Worship readers was the revelation of the full lineup for Zesta Grande 2, a full-blown, three-day grindcore and powerviolence festival to be held in Northern California in July. The lineup is chock full of Blast Worship favorites including ACxDC, Sick/Tired, Goolagoon, Endless Swarm and many, many more.

According to festival founder/organizer Gabe Sutton, “Zesta Grande is a nod to the legendary Fiesta Grande event produced by Chris Dodge, but slightly different. We incorporate a lot of different grind, mince, hardcore, powerviolence and punk into this with a mix of old-school and modern bands from all over the West Coast and the globe.”

The festival will be comprised of three main shows happening on July 17 and 18 at the legendary 924 Gilman Street and the Colony Café in Sacramento, with a few other complimentary shows being held in the Oakland area. This is going to be the fast music event of the year and it is not to be missed!