Track Premiere: Innards — “Night Of The Anthropophagous”

So…with a name like Innards you’re obviously not expecting this Portuguese trio to be a BABYMETAL knock off, but damn is Back From the Grave, Straight in Your Face some nasty, grimy, ultra sick death metal — with guest spots from guitarist Frank Blackfire (Kreator/Sodom) and Kam Lee (Massacre, Mantas) to boot! You can almost hear the entrails dripping off the guitar strings, the organs choked up out of the throat.

“This band is the return to our musical origins,” bassist Rui Gil tells Decibel. “The old school 80s European thrash metal combined with the late 80s/early 90s Florida death metal/grindcore. A real time travel and the wet dream of any OSDM fan proudly served in the most visceral way!”

Check out an exclusive stream of album opener “Night Of The Anthropophagous” below and then preorder either via Bandcamp or the Transcending Obscurity webstore.