Video Premiere: Seven Spires – ‘Drowner of Worlds’

American symphonic metal outfit Seven Spires take their brand of aggressive, melodic symphonic metal to the next level with the video for “Drowner of Worlds.” The new song, which hails from their upcoming Emerald Seas album, focuses heavily on symphonic elements and the powerful, extremely-diverse vocals of singer Adrienne Cowan.

Alternating between choral vocals and a scream that sounds like it’s trying to draw blood from Cowan’s throat, the singer leads her bandmates through an epic track boosted by its official music video, which shows the band performing live while following Cowan into nature.

“’Drowner of Worlds’ encompasses some of our more extreme influences,” Cowan tells Decibel. “At this point in the story of the album Emerald Seas, the main character finally faces the Kraken with an eerie calm—this creature has hunted them since early in their journey, and now they wearily contemplate the quiet release of their impending death. We like to use elements from every part of metal to help tell our stories, so you can expect sweet melodies, black metal influences, pieces influenced by Romantic composers and world music and everything in between on this album!

“As a singer, my preference for extreme vocals or traditional style singing changes by the day,” she continues. “Some days I really need the catharsis of screaming, to let the demon in me run free, and other days I have something tender or fantastical that needs to be expressed cleanly. As a metal fan, I mostly enjoy bands with extreme vocalists, but have much respect and admiration for clean vocalists like Roy Khan, Elise Ryd, Daniel Heiman, Jorn Lande, Floor Jansen, Daniel Tompkins, Adam Lambert…”

Listen to “Drowner of Worlds” below; Emerald Seas is out February 14 via Frontiers. Pre-order here.