Full Album Stream: Empire of the Moon – ‘Eclipse’

Empire of the Moon formed in 1996 in Athens, Greece, released a twelve minute demo tape then faded into obscurity. In 2014 they released their debut full length Πανσέληνος, or “Full Moon.” Comprised of founding member guitarist/bassist, Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium, vocalist Ouroboros, and keyboardist S.V. Mantus (who also plays in the amazing Wampyrinacht), Empire of the Moon play melodic black metal in the Hellenic tradition.

To follow up their debut album, the band will soon release their sophomore slayer ‘Εκλειψις, or “Eclipse.” With this new album Empire of the Moon ascend to represent not only quintessential Hellenic black metal, but the trio manages also to expand the known limits of said genre into something more panoramic and somehow more epic. Iron Bonehead have curated quite a collection of contemporary Hellenic classics pulled from the impossible past, and Empire of the Moon’s Εκλειψις stands strong among those, as well as those albums released during Greece’s glory days.

“Those who liked Πανσέληνος album are gonna enter a brand new level with ‘Εκλειψις,” promises Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium. “Our Lunar Society goes a step further with the new album and delivers new vibrations to the followers of the Moonlight . Another trip to dimensions unknown begins…Empire of the Moon returns!”



Get ‘Εκλειψις on cassette, CD, and 12″ vinyl formats January 10th from Iron Bonehead.