For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Artillery and Blitzkrieg

What’s up, guys? I know, I know, I ALWAYS say this… but this time of year REALLY pecking slows down on the releases. I’m like a broken record. Maybe it’s time for me to review some records for you, or releases or whatever.

Danish thrash band Artillery is releasing not one, but TWO compilation records. Like Artillery is cool, a classic thrash band, think in the vein of Coroner or Voivod, a little faster but definitely riff-centric. I mean, this is an underrated thrash band. So, what about these releases? There is a rerelease of Deadly Relics which was releases originally in 1998 and basically tracks from their first four demos. This is pretty ripping thrash here. I mean there’s no real frills and is high energy howling ass thrash. I’m digging this and it’s cool for anyone that missed out on this band. Again, this is cool, but is there a real reason to have this? Or even to reissue this? Nah. The production is all over the place as this is basically a “best of” of demo tracks.

Onto the second part of this review. In the Trash is basically the same as above, except for demo tracks. Again, production is all over the place and does anyone really need this? Nah.

Overall, I’m going to give these a good rating, as this is an amazing classic thrash band. Anyone that isn’t familiar with them should hunt out the older releases. Artillery is a MUST for a fan of classic thrash. So, for this: 7 Fucking Pecks. Necessity: 3 Fucking Pecks


Man, we’re really getting old-school here. U.K.’s Blitzkrieg is releasing Loud and Proud. This is ANOTHER collection of songs. Mostly outtakes and alternate versions of classic tracks. This is COMPLETELY unnecessary. I’m not trying to be a hater here as Blitzkrieg is super-classic trad metal, but, like, what’s the point? Just to grab some extra bucks for Father Christmas? This really messes up their legacy, but not many people have heard of them (although they should be known). Blitzkrieg and the song of the same title were made famous by Metallica covering them on the B-side of “Creeping Death.” I dunno, if you like this, go check out their other stuff… the earlier releases are the ones that are worthwhile. 3 Fucking Pecks

OK foos, I’ll be back next time with my End-of-the-Year List. I mean, I unveil it at the SAME time as everyone else… Can I? Waldo out!