Exclusive Premiere: Path To War – ‘Unjustified Genocide’ Promo Tape

Readers of Through A Speaker Rumbly (now exclusively analog and available only in Decibel magazine) will remember these three young death metallers from when we reviewed their compilation tape, No Man’s Land. Which compilation we called “a great first step on a path working taking.” Now the trio return with a brand new promo tape featuring “Unjustified Genocide,” and an instrumental closer dubbed “Abysmal Descent.”

With “Unjustified Genocide” the Maryland-based trio present what are some of the biggest riffs in the underground. You are best advised to listen under your desk, with your book over your head.

“We are Path To War from Maryland here to deliver bone crushing brooding caveman death metal to your ears. Over the past year we have released three EPs showing off our potential but we won’t stop there. This single is just a taste of what’s to come. Our 2020 album will be heavier, faster AND slower than anything we’ve done yet. Keep your eyes peeled throughout 2020 for our full length.”

Unjustified Genocide 

Get Unjustified Genocide from Desert Wasteland Productions.