Track Premiere: Domkraft — “Where We Part Ways” (Featuring Mark Lanegan)

A reality-refracting, trance-inducing psych-doom jam?

Featuring a tripped out, apocalypt-poetic guest spot from the Screaming Trees/Gutter Twins/Queens of the Stone Age legend himself, Mark Lanegan?

And additional guest vocals courtesy Marty Harvey of Slomatics and Lea Alazam of Besvarjelsen?

Sign us right the fuck up.

If Domkraft wanted our full and undivided attention on its imminent PostWax series EP Slow Fidelity — the follow-up to the ultra-heavy, otherworldly full-length Flood — the Swedish trio sure as Hell has it.

And, as the thirteen minute “Where We Part Ways” streaming exclusively below clearly demonstrates, the band isn’t in any hurry to let it go, drawing us further and further into the groove, fuzz and heaviness, leading us further and further away from the rote and mundane.

In other words, File Under: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride.

“Guesting on this song by Domkraft was fun, the kind of music I don’t get a chance to sing on that often,” Lanegan tells Decibel. “It reminds me of the music of my youth.”

“The song was originally an instrumental, but then the idea of turning it into a three-part vocal epic started to grow,” Domkraft singer/bassist Martin Wegeland adds. “And as diverse as the three different themes are, we thought the vocals should be just as varied. Lea’s bluesy, soulful sweeping notes, followed by a vintage Lanegan at his harshest and most brooding, then Marty’s and my longing hollers in the final part. Strangely enough, it all feels seamless and makes sense. Everyone added their own color and made the parts their own, while it still sounds completely Domkraft to us.”

Slow Fidelity drops November 22. Preorder here.