Track Premiere: Flamekeeper “Nomads of the World Beyond”


Marco S. formed Flamekeeper as an Italian immigrant in Sweden. His current/main act Demonomancy hurled violent death and black metal upon the world. But Flamekeeper is of a different stripe. While black and heavy, it feels more like something Quorthon would’ve done after Blood Fire Death if he wasn’t trying to write Viking metal operas. There’s a certain Nordic quality to Marco S.’s songwriting on debut mini-LP We Who Light the Fire (Invictus Productions), but imbued in the rollicking blackened death-rock are ideas that have carried over from bands occupying the countries along the Mediterranean. These include melodic if buried leads, multi-tracked vocals, and DIY production values. That We Who Light the Fire feels like it was recorded in 1995 is all part of the plan. Considering Marco S. brought forth a smashing cover of Necromantia’s “Ancient Pride” from caverns deep and forlorn signals to pretenders the world over that Flamekeeper’s dedication to the lost art of blackened heavy metal isn’t to be trifled with.

Says Marco S. to Decibel: “‘Nomads of the World Beyond’ was the song that made me decide to give birth to Flamekeeper. Through its atmosphere resembles ‘Fight Club,’ as if written by Robert E. Howard, this song invites the listener to become a ghost in the civilized world, to disobey its rules, to ignore its values and to form a rebellious, clandestine kin. To the Western society I am virtually non-existent, nothing more than a name written on one flight ticket after the other. I truly exist only within the bond I created with other vagabonds and outcasts I met through travel. The song is indeed a celebration of this bond, which is invisible to the common man. Shrouded in dust, sheltered in the sand, we’re the invisible proof of an unfathomable secret. Our absolute truth is not of this world.”

Keepers of black metal’s true flame rise! March with Marco S. as he awakens slumbering warrior gods and goddesses of ancient times. Bring on “Nomads of the World Beyond!”

** Flamekeeper’s new album, We Who Light the Fire, is available for pre-order now through Invictus Productions. LPs (gold) are available HERE. LPs (black) are available HERE. CDs are available HERE. We Who Light the Fire is out November 29th, 2019.