Video Premiere: T.O.M.B. – ‘Decapitation of the Gods’

Long-running black metal noise terrorists T.O.M.B. return with their follow up album to 2016’s caustic and brilliant Fury Nocturnus. Their new album, titled Thin the Veil, once more features Mayhem’s Hellhammer on drums, as well as contributions from underground musicians such as Craig Smilowski (Ex-Immolation), Venomwolf’s Duncan McLaren, Maurice De Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues), and more. 

After twenty-plus years of spreading their occultic mechanical blasphemy, the Pennsylvania-based group have refined their death industrialized black metal into something utterly beyond this world. If the following video is any indication, their new album Thin the Veil promises to be one of the most psychologically assaulting records to escape the underground in years.

The band themselves explain that this track, “Decapitation of the Gods,” exposes T.O.M.B.’s next phase of collaborative work with legendary drummer Hellhammer of Mayhem, along with Norwegian musician Andy Winter, from the band Winds, on bass. With video visual work conducted by Carl Eek Torerson of Necrolust Productions and album mastering by Tore Stjerna of Necromorbus Studios in Sweden, ‘Decapitation of the Gods’ gives the listener a glimpse into the brutal blasphemous savagery represented throughout the new album.”

“Decapitation of the Gods”

Thin the Veil comes out tomorrow on CD and vinyl from Dark Essence Records.

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