Video Premiere: Pinko – ‘Spit on the House’

San Antonio’s Pinko love their noise rock. That much is clear within seconds of new song “Spit on the House,” which we’re premiering, along with its video, today. But there’s more going on with Pinko, as they also channel angular post-hardcore like Unwound and Kerosene 454 when not nodding to noise-rock legends Unsane and The Jesus Lizard, the band laying down a post-hardcore sound rooted in noise rock, or noise rock with a serious post-hardcore flavour.

Either way, the band are getting ready to release their debut album, You & You, in December, and today we’re giving you a sample of what’s in store.

“‘Spit on the House’ is the first song we wrote with Luke Mitchell on drums, after the departure of our former drummer, Ethan Campa,” says guitarist/vocalist Guillermo Mendez. “This song held a lot of weight for us, and pairing it with James Woodard’s overt montage of depression, spliced as a damaged vhs tape, made sense. Overall, this album comments on the political sphere more than we ever have as a band, while navigating its own narrative. I’d say it’s easily due to the shitstorm we’re embroiled in, so we chose to embrace that during the creative process.”

You & You will be available on December 13 on Hex Records. Pre-order the record here, and check out “Spit on the House” right here: